Immigration impact of crimes or misdemeanor conviction.


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I am on F1 visa. In last August, 2021 When I was working in a store unfortunately I was caught for illegal distribution of cigarettes' for under age one here charge is 2927.02(B)(1) M4 and amended to 2927.02.MM under Ohio state law. So, It is illegal to work for me. Anyways, department people took my details and informed that I need to go to court. Later on, I received a mail that stated I need to attend the court session IN front of judge. I went there I said it was unfortunately done by myself i.e. guilty. I paid fine and case is closed. If I need to delete the case I need to wait for one year.

My questions are:
1. I want to apply for my opt in this May,2022. Will this case affect my OPT EAD card?
2. Do I need to mention this case while filling OPT form?
3. Can I travel to India ? is there any problem with port of entry?
4. How I need to delete the case permanently?