Immigrating to start a business


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Hi Guys,

I have searched quite thorughly, and apologize if this is an age old question, but I could not find the relevant posts, so perhaps a link would be in order?

If not, my question is as follows: I am an australian citizen, who been to the US 3 times on the VWP. I now have a solid business plan, and wish to go to the US, specifically NY to establish my corporation. My corporation will make jobs for 10 US citizens, but I will not be investing any money into it. All investment is from a VC firm.

I understand if I can not work for the company, but I need to manage it or control it somehow, will owning the majority of the company be enough?

If possible, I would like to avoid the H-1B Visa, because I will lose a lot of time working for another company when I could be establishing is necessary to establish it in the next few years as a window.

My question then, is there any visa whereby I can come to america, operate my business and work, or is it impossible. Would an alternative like marriage or the dv lottery work, or would I have to be a citizen and not just a resident.

Thankyou for yourpatience and any answers


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It is possible. A L1A visa (a non-immigrant visa) under can open a branch office. 500000-100000 or investment and creating jobs for American workers and EB5 category under 10 to get home.
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If you have the financial capability to contribute a very serious and large investment to a commercial business in the US, the EB-5 Visa may be your best option. This visa gives you the ability to apply for a green card under the presumption that you will immigrate to the US to create or preserve 10 permanent full-time jobs for US workers. This visa comes with the highest levels of monetary commitment, as you must have the ability to not only fund your business and ten employees, but also prove that your business is viable with a thorough business plan. Costs often range between $1,000,000 and $500,000 (depending on where you wish to move).