Immigrant trying to get passport. Passport question


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I had no desire to get a passport until my school told me that my fafsa would not work unless I can show proof of citizenship.

I was born in Africa and came here when I was 1. Both of my parents became citizens when I was 4-5.

When I first sent my application I included :
-my green card (which was expired)
- both original copies of my parents certificate of citizenship
-my original birth certificate and translation

They emailed me saying they need me to send :

•A combination of documents such as school, tax, medical, or court records that documents you were in the legal and physical custody of your U.S. citizen parent(s) after you entered the United States for lawful permanent residence and before your 18th birthday.

Here’s what I will send let me know if it will work :

-my official transcript from high school
- copy of tax forms from 2012 and 2017
- copy of medical card that has my name and moms on it
- copy of my physical from elementary school that dad consent to
- copy of a medical visit in middle school my mom consent to as well

Will they accept copies or do they need the actual documents