Illegal student applying to college in texas...


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hello, i'll make this simple,
my parents brought me to the US the i was younger (6th grade), i am now a senior and i willl be applying for college this upcoming fall, however there is a problem, i live illegally in the US, i have a 10 year travel visa which still hasn't expired, however i do not have a Social Security Number. I have an ITIN number through which my parents pay my taxes. I have not acquired a green card because both of my parents are residents and are waiting to become citizens in order to make the process faster.
Since i am not eligible to apply for FAFSA, can i still get financial aid from the colleges i apply?
Am i eligible to pay in-state tuition in my situation (Texas)
Also, do you recommend filling out the SS# on the applications with my ITIN number?
I have studied at US schools since sixth grade, and i will graduate from a texas high school in the top 10 students of my class (i am currently ranked 2nd in my class), i have good grades, high gpa, i am very involved in extracurricular activities and i am in the International Baccalaureate program for those of you who know what that is.

Thank you for reading this, and i will truly appreciate any help from you guys.


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If you are on a visa, you are not illegal. You all have no idea what you are talking about. How old are you? If your parents got GC why didnt you?


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technically, i am living illegally because i am in a visa overstay, yes my visa hasn't expired, but the 3 month permit did. And both of my parents obtained residency through their parents, but never payed attention to them (nor thought of requesting mine) until we moved to texas.