If you did FP from 10/26-11/04 in Alexandria read this


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Sure thanks. Wonder if anyone who got their FP either on the 12th or later called the FBI and what the status was..


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Please keep in mind that sometimes FBI can get your FP to process after 2 weeks (not always same or next day that you get your FP done). My FP request was sent to FBI 13 days after my FP were taken by ASC and there are lot other members in this forum where it took some time for FBI to receive the FP request.


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Thanks for your proactive nature, I was able to go back and do my FP (first FP 10/29) again at Alexandria office. Hope the second FP makes it to FBI.



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wantmygcnow , which FBI number do you call ?

Also, you said, you had an email from FBI too ? which FBI email address did you use to email them ?



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bob, i used fbinncp@ic.fbi.gov, but got non-delivery msg. Any other email ? Also for FBI phone number, the following number was suggested by forum member 304-625-5590. Any other suggestions ?


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This is how quick the process and customer service is

My wife was one of those unlucky ones..she did her first fp on 10/23 and the second one yesterday at 4pm EST at Alexandria. Following is the email
I received from FBI for status check....

liaison@leo.gov to me
Nov 25 5:25 AM
Thank you for your inquiry,

Yes we received them on 11-24-09 they were completed and sent back to USCIS.

If you need further information please contact

Customer Service Group