If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

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  1. Statin_doc

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    Like all retrogressed individuals, I have longed for meaningful reform that would have allowed me to get a GC over 3 years ago.

    But, proponents of illegal immigration, especially Senator Kennedy and the powerful Hispanic caucus have stalled any reforms for us - basically in a way saying, if we can't get it - nobody can! Republicans have always been on-board for us.

    It appears they are trying to move things now - but will still not allow rationalization of EB-based immigration on its own. If illegals get their pathway to GCs - we will still be screwed by the lack of progress in our cases.

    Let us say NO to Immigration Reform, if it includes illegals at this time. Let us first insist on reform of legal immigration - EB & family-based first. Then in a couple of years they can come back for the illegals.

    Of course, it may appear as day-dreaming - as if we had anything in our hands! But, immigration is a bad word because of the illegals - let us not be lumped with them.

    Think about it friends - the illegals and their legislative backers have been the ones behind our miseries the last few years - not Republicans like Sessions, et al! We should try everything in our power to stay away from them!
  2. nTan

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    What illegal?

    Most of Indian who come and work on H1b are on fake experience and education. :(

    Atleast guys from the south of US do not lie about themselves
    They contribute +ve towards the US economy. :D
  3. Statin_doc

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    Mark my words - we will both watch this go down! There will NEVER be an AMNESTY for those who did not follow the Laws, when they arrived in the USA! This country will NEVER EVER allow that - and SHOULD NOT!

    The politicians know it - that's why it is being kicked down the road all the time! If it does not happen now, how can it happen in an election year?

    I do not want get into generalizations about any country, and ask you not to throw about stupid accusations behind the veiled mask that the Forum affords you! Obviously, you may have some experiences with Indians that were not to your liking and you are bitter about it! There are people who pad-up their resumes, they could be from any country! There are famous Americans, who fudged their resumes - would you call Americans the same way - of course, not!

    Before you talk about Indians so loosely, bear in mind, there are millions of Indian-Americans in every walk of life - most of them have followed the Laws to get here! And, everybody contributes to the economy! There are hundreds of thousands of Indians who have legally worked here, and left for India - leaving their SS/Medicare taxes here to benefit everybody! Before you bad-mouth Indians in general, do not forget about who is allowing you to mouth these words here - the creator and host of this excellent Forum was born in India!

    But the bottom line is - there will be no Immigration Reform anyway! Period.
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  4. obelisk

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    Correction to nTan...

    As much as the Hispanic Caucus wants people to believe that the illegals contribute to our economy, each year, at least in CA, it costs the taxpayers a NET of $12 billion dollars, approximately 1/5 of the state's deficit, in the forms of education, health care and IMPRISONMENT of the 3.2 million illegals in the state. And in Feb 2009, CA liberal legislature passed the largest tax increase in the nation's history making it the HIGHEST overall taxed state in the country. It would cost an average household of four an extra $1,200/yr, one fifth ($240) of which is attributed directly to illegal immigration. So nTan, as far as I am concerned, they are parasites and you are wrong.

    People from south of the border don't need to lie about their experience, that's because they have none, and yes, you can absolutely judge a person based on his appearance. My job is next to a Home Depot, and there is no way one can mistaken the folks who swarm your car as IT specialists or a programmers. Also, just drive around Los Angeles in neighborhoods like Sylmar, San Fernando, North Hollywood, Santa Ana, Downtown, these areas look remarkably similar to...south of the border! And more often than not, you can even catch a glimpse of red, white and GREEN flags waving in the wind. Is this still America? Not according to the die hard racist groups like LA RAZA. Their plan is to out-breed every other race in this country.

    These fine folks came here to escape a backward, third world country that has abused them, but once they are here, they are doing everything they can to turn this new place into the very country they have escaped from, while making life miserable for everyone else who is living here. The funny thing is, with all the "mis-treatments" they claim they are getting here, they still refuse to leave! Could it be due to fact that life is still better here than where they came from???

    I have yet to see an angry Hispanic crowd protesting in front of their embassy(s) that represents the country which sent them cross hundreds of miles of hot desert to be mis-treated by the "racist" Americans. Instead, they are angry with American taxpayers for not wanting to give them more. So no, as a legal immigrant, I have no compassion for the illegals. They have bastardized the term "immigrant", which they are not, they are simply criminals. Stealing a loaf of bread to feed one's family does not make a person any less of a criminal, although he may have a reason to commit a crime, but a reason is not the same as an excuse.

    If this makes me an un-compassionate racist who happens to be an immigrant, I am perfectly okay with it.
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  5. nTan

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    who have spoiled the good country?

    I do agree that India has produced good great people in recent times like Sanjay Jha and Indra Nooyi. May there tribe increase.

    But see what the majority of Indians have done: Shameful

    1> On one labor certificate, hundreds applied for GC. They even bought the labor certificate paying thousands of dollars. They broke the good immigration system in place.

    2> Indian consulting company with no jobs in hand .. applied of H1b and GC ..

    3> Indian consulting company paid huge kick back to hiring managers in IT industry .. to hire there half baked consultants.

    4> Indian hiring managers in US companies created fake projects to extra income which was often paid back in there home country. Satyam led the show.

    5> Most of the Indians in IT industry have not read one single programming book from cover to cover.
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  6. Statin_doc

    Statin_doc Registered Users (C)

    Don't just vent, simply because you are anonymous! You have no evidence for these falsehoods - if you do, then report them! Anybody who breaks the Law will get found out! If Indians have broken any Laws - they will get caught! But, I do not see that happening! Maybe you were talking about subsituted Labor - well, it may have been done only when it was allowed legally! After all, do you not take advantage of all Tax Laws, or are you so daft that you just accept whatever is deducted from your salary?

    I know that you are just frustrated - maybe Indians at your workplace got the better of you! I do not wish to respond to baseless, generalized allegations for which you have no proof anyway!:D

    Anyway, either one follows the Laws or one does not! If you do not follow the basic Laws, then you are a criminal - this was the basis of why Immigration Reform has been rejected by the overwhelming majority of Americans! It will not be enacted even next year!

    Those who follow the Laws can and do hope to get them improved - maybe it will happen, maybe not!
  7. nTan

    nTan Registered Users (C)

    Illegal who?

    Paying money to get a labor certificate is illegal activity.. so many Indians do that.

    Just to mantain the status, getting a payroll from the employer and returning back the money to the employer .. is illegal activity .. so many Indians do that.

    Applying for job with all fake resumes .. is illegal activity .. so many Indians do that.

    ............. have some respect to hard working real people.
  8. pruroad

    pruroad New Member

    Los Angeles is Spanish word.
    What is wrong if spanish people come back to there lands. Mexicans have had worked hard to build California.. to one of the top economies of the world. The quality of construction in Americanas is the mostly done by Latin American people. In the recent times they have braved the enemy world wide and defened the country.

    ... some say people from the east who recently came in big numbers are the chief cause in bringing down the state so rapidly.
  9. obelisk

    obelisk Registered Users (C)

    Correction to Pruroad

    Modern day Hungary and Eastern Europe was part of the Chinese-Mongol Empire. Western Europe once belonged to the Romans, while the Persians dominated the Middle East. Better yet, France was part of the Germany between late 1930 and 1940s.

    Pruroad, what's your point? Last time I checked geography, Los Angeles as of 2009 is part of US territory.

    Based on your logic, anybody should be able to squad on any land by simply pull out a history book or play name games? I guess the entire town of CHINO, CA belongs to the Chinese then? Oh wait, Russians should be able to move to Alaska freely, and the French should be able to take over Louisiana, after all, it doesn't get any more French than the name "Baton Rouge", does it?

    Oh wait one more, MEXICO BELONGED TO SPAIN, and everybody get out of North America, starting with you Pruroad, cause it was Indian territory...well maybe not, technically, most of people on this site ARE INDIANS.
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  10. absrao

    absrao Registered Users (C)

    1. Almost every contracting and consulting company (IT or Not, American or Not) pays (and paid) kick backs to the folks who get them contracts - American or Not. Fact that Indian consulting companies paid kickbacks to Indian managers isnt any different from the millions and billions of dollars paid in kickbacks day in day out all across America. I dont see why this is "Indian", its "Human" nature.

    2. Every company I worked had 'gangs'. Groups of folks closely related (by virtue of race, highschool buddies, associates who worked together in the past) who would never hire anyone except one of their own. Again - nothing specific to Indian or American or Irish - Just messed up Human nature.

    3. 10s of Pharmacies opened using one Pharmacist name (some of them not dead), CEO's and Upper Management cooking books, Reporting false profits to jack up share prices, Options scandal - Look around, you will find fraud everywhere - Again, nothing specific to Indian - Just messed up Human nature.

    4. Millions of dollars changing hands (spent on gentleman's club, restaurants, gifts) in the name of 'lobbying' in Washington. Definitely not "Indian", but good old, our very own 'American'.
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  11. khodalmd

    khodalmd Registered Users (C)

    I buy this. Illegal should not be granted amnesty and have path to citizenship. This is purely ridiculous. Punish all the illegals who
    1. Entered without inspection
    2. Over stayed on non-immigrant visa
    3. Purchased LC for getting Green card (This is also illegal activity).

  12. nTan

    nTan Registered Users (C)

    Illegal who?

    To my understanding .. bribe is way of life in India. One has to bribe to get a passport. Girl has to pay bribe to man to get married. Well that might be very normal out there but its not only illegal but considered immoral over here.

    And U refer to us as illegal ... strange.
    How can coming back to one own lands to work be ever be illegal. When the British ruled India with iron fist for over 300 years. They did not refered to returning people, to there ancestral homes from South Africa as illegal.

    When the President of this great country does not refer to us as illegal ... who are U to say so?

    Look inside U first
  13. obelisk

    obelisk Registered Users (C)

    Ancestral homeland? What homeland? Mexico owned Texas for a brief while, but Alamo ended that. As far as California, it was own by Spain, and so was Florida. The few and sparse Mexican ranchers here lived under Spanish rule. As far as I know, only the Native Americans have the right to claim this as their "ancestral" homeland.

    Lands and territories get occupied and re-occupied, bought and sold throughout history, it's a concept you really should grasp nTan, sooner the better. Don't let your La Raza friends brain wash you into believing this "reconquista" of America thing. It will never happen, at least not in your life time. Illegals are just that...ILLEGALS and they are costing California taxpayers $12 billion/yr just to live and breath here.

    And yes, even this President has referred to them (maybe you too) as illegals.
  14. pruroad

    pruroad New Member

    Which world country U come from? It is often said that a dumpster in the new world is much stronger than the most houses in the Indian sub continent.
  15. obelisk

    obelisk Registered Users (C)

    Dumpster for you?

    I came from a backward city called Nagoya (名古屋), it's located in a 3rd world island nation called Japan.

    Pruroad, you're right, maybe it's time to apply your wonderful proverb to the ILLEGALS themselves. Maybe it's time for them to STOP complaining and knock out those stupid May Day Labor rallies. Afterall, the dumpsters they are living in is much stronger than their mud hut homes south of the border.

    But again, perhaps we all owe a debt of gratitude toward the illegals for have given us these wonderful dumpsters. Maybe you would like to move into one of these "new world" dumpsters? After all, perhaps it's much better than your previous home, right?

    Although I know for a fact that my current neighbors in America would not appreciate to have these "new world" dumpsters ANYWHERE near my neighborhood, nor would I.
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  16. nTan

    nTan Registered Users (C)


    Well Nagoya is a progressive city.
    Wonder why you want to leave the city which holds bright future and immigrate to Americana?
  17. obelisk

    obelisk Registered Users (C)

    People immigrate to America for various reasons nTan. Not all come here just to escape poverty. Many people from Asia such as Japan, Taiwan or Korea come here for businesses and investments.

    Once again, $12 Billion/yr, cost of illegal immigration to California tax payers, such as myself!

    Unchecked (illegal) immigration is not tolerated by any country anywhere in the world, not in Japan, not in India. Even Mexico itself imposes HARSH treatments with illegal immigrants from its southern border with Guatemala. Yet it has the nerve to call US "inhumane" and "racist" for enforcing America's immigration laws??

    Just because America is a nation of immigrants, does not mean it should give up its right to have a border! But the liberals and the progressives who like to play the race card and everyone in the news media just gobbles that crap up and report it. It's amazing, only in America where common sense DOES NOT prevail.
  18. nTan

    nTan Registered Users (C)

    So U are here from Japan for businesses and investment. Good...... US does need your kind of people to create jobs and improve the economy.

    I know a person from Peru who invested a lot of money and got his EB 5 investor greencard within months. Wonder why U are stuck up over here for such a long time.
  19. machelon

    machelon Registered Users (C)

    Illegal immigrants are the product of TRUE labor supply and demand. They are here becasue WE NEED them here, if you see 12 million illegals, it's because 12 million vacant, unwanted jobs don't have good-ole cowboys applying for them. If you or your friends want to apply for a job to pick up strawberries in the fileds of California, or for dishwashing job in NYC, go ahead DO IT. You'll solve the immigration problem right away. Otherwise, simply shut your mouth and be glad Illegals are here to help us. Immigration reform MUST include those who work hard each day and clean up our cities.
  20. Texas Resident

    Texas Resident Registered Users (C)

    We don't need illegals here at all. There are plenty of ways to bring in seasonal workers by businesses that need it. Once the illegals were gone the economy would correct itself. Some stuff will be little more expensive and our tax dollars will not be wasted to services provided to illegals and their children. There are no illegals in Norway and they live better than us here in the US. Illegals have no rights and should be deported immediately. If you are so happy for them why don't you help them packing and move with them to their country.

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