I864 Mailing Address of Principal Immigrant


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I'm a US citizen petitioning for my husband and we live in Spain. On the I864 should we put down my husband's mailing address here in Spain, or a mailing address in the USA? The US address we could use is that of our agent, who will theoretically be receiving all correspondence from NVC anyway. Would a US-based mailing address make my husband's case look better than a foreign one?

Sorry to ask so many questions today but this I864 is confusing!


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For the purpose of USCIS Form I-864 for sponsoring a spouse by US citizen, in part 2 (information on the principal immigrant) you will put his Spanish address because that is where he currently lives. You can put your US address in part 4.

Actually, if you husband is in Spain, you will be hurting his case by giving a US address for him because that is not where he lives (in fact it might be confusing to USCIS that somehow he is already living in the US and needs to adjust status rather than get a green card).