I797B(H1B approval form) lost-Please help


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Last week My wife and me attended for H1B visa interview in Chennai Consulate. Our Visas are approved and we received our passports. But my wife's I797B form(H1B approval form) was not sent along with passports. It is kept in consulate itself. My wife also did not realize it when she was inside the consulate. Without that my wife will not be able to travel to US. We have asked consulate people but they are not responding properly. They are just asking us to send a mail to them. We are not sure if they can trace it or not. Meanwhile I want to look for alternate way.

Can anyone suggest on the following
1. how to apply for duplicated copy?
2. How long it will take to get the duplicate copy?
3. How much is the cost?

Thanks in Advance


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Don't worry if u lost ur I797, call ur employer and ask him to apply for duplicate which costs around $200/- from INS it takes around 3 to 4 weeks.
They need to file form I-824 for duplicate I797.


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I797B lost

Hi MS,
We have filed for a duplicate I797B form through I824. But in the website of Vermont service center it says it will take 150 days to 999 days to process our case. Waiting in India for it is wast of time I feel. Can we travel with a photocopy of Original I797B and acknowledgement of duplicate copy filing. Please let me know immediately

hi there my case is also same
my employer is not giving me my approval notice.
is there any other way i can get those?
pleassse can any one tell me weather i can apply for DUPLICATES of i-797
with new attorney.with out my employers permission.
1)do i need my employers permission?
2)can i get my duplicates with out employers knowledge.
3)approximately how much time it will take?
4) weather i get i-94 with duplicate or not . if not then what i have to do.

what i got is the eac number and the approval date and i dont have any copies .with me
for getting i-797 u hve to fill i-824(195 us dollars) and +lawyer fees(300 usd)

it takes from 3 weeks to 1 year time

u wont get any I 94 form with duplicate .

my question is how we can obtain I 94?


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I797 lost

I had lost my original I797B form and applied for duplicate through my employer. It got approved in 3 weeks. So i will be getting it at any time from now.
can i transfer if i dont have I797 but the visa is approved

hi guys,

My H1B visa is approved but we never received I797 from INS. I only have copy of the original petition and receipt notice. Can I apply for a transfer of H1B visa to some other employer?

I lost my H1B i797 document, and I applied for the duplicate copy by I824 application form by my attorney on Oct 21st 2015, I got the recipe notice , do any one know how long it will take to get the approval? California service center says 3 months but I heard that people got approval in 15 days , any idea about latest avarage time it is taking, any latest experience please share, literally waiting for response thank u somuch in advance