I485 since 2004??????


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Where is my husband's green card????
He has filed since 2004, he has done fingerprinting a hundred times:confused:
I'm thinking what the h... NSC is doing over there. They want our money, and they don't do their job properly!
ANYONE FROM 2004 AND 2007??????????


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My 485 pending from April 2004 too

Basically priority dates are not current. It is 2001, May 01. My PD is OCT 25, 2001, what is ur spouse PD?


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As you can see from sig - I belong to ROW (rest of the world category).
With PD 0203. I was very much frustated about the process.
Finally in November 2008 - I contacted local congressman's office and did an inquiry.
Got the same 90 day wait reply back from the Congressman's office. Right away contacted Senator and the case was approved within 2 days from the time I contacted the Senator just before last Thanksgiving.

I did not inquire about my wife's case thinking she would get approved with me and that was my mistake. She remained pending and then retrogressed. Her case is still pending with PD of 0203 for ROW. :(