I485 Rfe for Police clearance certificate


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i485 rfe for my wife. Please help

My wife received an rfe for the things listed below. I think she got it because her finger prints are not machine readable and FBI have not been able to verify it....

1) Submit true certfied copies of any and all arresting officers reports....blah blah blah

2) Other: Local police clearance Letter from every place you have lived in united states

My wife has been in US close to five years and lived in 2 cities

MY question is

for 1) she has never violated any law so does not have court disposition or anything of that sort so does she need
anything for this?

for 2) She has resided in 2 cities but also stayed in India for 4 months.
The rfe clearly says "for every place lived in united states"
so I would think she does not need a police clearance certificate
from India

Please help we have till march 5th to reply this RFE


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Hello Kunal105,

I noticed that a long time has happened since your post and I wonder how the situation ended with you and your wife. Were you able to submit the police certificate without problem?. Thank you.