I485- Background check,local office


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Current Status: This case is now pending at the office to which it was transferredI went to local office Infopass, they informed me it my file went to Newyork.
i did not get any notice from USCIS that my file has moved to NY

I called Senetor, and found out that my Back ground check is pending and my file has moved to NY( i lived in FL and my employeer is in NY)

is any one help me to understand my case that
is my case has moved to local office or not? and the message on case staus does not tell me where it has moved.
it just says case is pending where it was transfered

New 180day rule , tells us all checks pending more than 2 years will be cleared in July2008
will it help on my case?

please any one could help me on to understand my case.
I am tired of seeing same message onm my case

My detail:

Labor PD date : Nov 2001
Catagory : EB2
I140 : RD: 10/2005 AD: 04/2006
I485 : RD :03/2006 03/2007 - moved to texas center( from vermount)
Last LUD 02/03/2008

EAD : running on 3rd renewval

waiting for your reply