I485 approved before I140 !!

Discussion in 'California Service Center I-140' started by HAH, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. HAH

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    Hi all,

    Have you encountered such a case where my I485 is approved before my I140.
    There is no news about my wife's I485 neither.

    I got the following email this morning
    Receipt Number: WAC0606353***

    Application Type: I485 , Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status

    Current Status:

    On October 11, 2006, we mailed a notice reaffirming the approval of this case, and returned the case to the Department of State for visa processing. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Department of State.
    Is this the standard format for I485 approval?
    Thank you for your advise
  2. bebesf2000

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    Hi HAH, my situation is like you 2 months ago and i already received my card on 10/10. But i'v never seen your message before. It's not a standard format for 485 approval. You can go to 485 fourm, people do post approval format for 485 there.
    So your online status for 140 is still pending? Do you ever get the notice in mail? Mine is still pending and I never get the notice in mail. I think maye they forget to update cuz there is no way they approve 485 if your 140 is denied.
    let me know what is your 140 status like.
  3. HAH

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    Computer error

    Thank you bebesf2000 for you respond but it seems that my case is quite different.
    I spent almost 3 hours calling the USCIS.
    The first USCIS representative said that my I485 is approved but not my I140
    and she said (after putting me on hold several times) that I'm gonna get my Green Card soon !! but was not able to explain how I can get the green card without the I140 approval.
    I decided to call again on the hope to fall on a different and more "experienced" lady. So the second representative told me that they did an error in updating the computer !
    they approved my I485 instead on my I140. So the approved case is the I140! and not I450.

    Anyways, this is a good news.
    2005-12-15 filed I485/I140 to CA (Concurrent filing)
    2006-03-29 I485/I140 transfered from CSC to TSC
    2006-09-13 last LUD
    2006-10-12 I140 approved (if I assume they are not mistaken, should get the receipt to confirm)

    I485 Still pending
  4. madgu-gc2005

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    Oh!! God!! what a mistake? I wish they should have sent you the GC.

  5. bebesf2000

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  6. HAH

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    I140 approval

    I got today the I140 approval emails.
    I also got an email that states that my I485 is still in process, that is, it cancels the previous I485 approval email!

    Everything is expected from the USCIS
    Just cross your figures
    Good luck for you all
  7. bebesf2000

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    notice in mail?

    Hi Hah,

    Did you get your 140 approval notice in mail yet?
  8. 485 140

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    I have similar but it appears a better situation.

    I-485 for myself and my family was approved without any news on I-140. We also received our Cards.

    I hope we are done.

    Any comments?

    A question what is term LUD stands for?
  9. belacut

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    LUD = Last Update Date
    I was told, one cannot take advantage to USCIS error if the GC is wrongfuly approved. It is always your obiligation to point out the fact to CIS officer. Otherwise, it will haunt you when you want to get your passport.
  10. bebesf2000

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    Concurrent filing?

    Hi 485 140,

    My situation is like yours. I also got my card about almost a year ago and I went to my country and came back no problem already. I have a few questions for you though. Just wanna compare.

    1)Do you use concurrent filing?
    2)Which service center are you at?
    3)You never get your 140 approval either online or in mail right?
    4)Did you get your 485 approval notice??

    I did contact USCIS a few times for my 140 but no reply at all. My lawyer said if your 485 approval notice has priority date that means 140 is approved.

    Share your info with me if you could. Thanks

  11. 485 140

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    I did call USCIS but they do not have any answer. One Attorney informed that it is not possible to get I 485 approved without I 140 approval. USCIS might have missed to update.

    1. Yes, I filed both 140 and 485 together.
    2. I sent the applications to Nebraska but it was transfered to Texas.
    3. Online status is still pending and MY employer said that nothing came.
    4. First I got e-mail notification for approval of 485 for me and for my family. Then e-mails came that Cards have been sent.

    No one is taking any advantage of anything. We did apply both applications with full supporting documents. How USCIS processes both 140 and 485, I do not know. Together or separate?

    I believe that people processing 485 must be checking if 140 has been approved or not?

    In case of HAH, only his 485 was approved. Later on it changed with 140. In my case my whole family got 485 approved and then cards.

    I filed my case in Oct 06. Processing date for 140 went upto November 06 but now it is Sep 30, 06.

    BY the way who processes 140 and who processes 485, I mean USCIS, State Dept.?
  12. 485 140

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    I just checked that USCIS has update current processing dates on June 18, 2007. TSC is processing I 140 application filed on Dec 14, 2006. It appears my case filed in Oct 2006 must have been approved then I got my 485 approved.
  13. bebesf2000

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    Our situation is exactly the same.
    1. I also filed concurrently
    2. I filed in 3/2006 to California but it got transferred to Texas.
    3. My online status is still also pending. my employer and laywer didnt get anything also.
    4. I got emails, approval notice for my 485 too.

    It might be they didnt update correctly cuz both of us file concurrently.

    BTW, when did you get your 485 approved? Just recently?

    My lawyer told me there are 2 different departments processing 140 and 485. Not together. So i also agree there is no way to get 485 processed without getting 140 approval from previous department.

  14. 485 140

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    Spoke to a Senior Officer in USCIS

    I spoke again to a Senior Immigration Officer. I gave her my I 140 receipt #. She said you got your green card and that is the last step, therefore you are done. DONOT WORRY ABOUT I 140, and I am free to work any where.
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  15. disliked

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    My case

    I applied along with my wife since she is a Nurse, we applied As Schedule A, on Oct 2006.
    We applied for I-140, I-485 and EAD.
    My lawyer got the receipts sned sent us after they got it,
    But We have just 2 receipts,
    1: EAD
    2: I-485
    but we have never received any receipt notice regarding our I-140,
    Do you have any idea regarding this situation?
    or Am i just suppose to get EAD and I-485 notices?
    Again, this is a Nursing GC process..
    Please let me know.

  16. 485 140

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    For Disliked

    Receipt for I-140 will go to the employer/attorney as that application was filed by the employer.

    EAD (I-765) and I-485 are filed by the beneficiary thats why you got those two receipts.

    I hope it helps.
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  17. taz4434

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    got 485 and green card but i-140 still pending

    Hi there ,the lawyer told me ,my i-485 passed and will get the green card soon,but i-140 is still pending,someting is wrong he said,it s not possible without i-140 ,i can get the green card
    can you help me??

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