I have received my DENIAL notice for my case - change a non immigrant status (I539).
As I have left USA already, can I submit I290 - motion to reopen ABROAD?

I have very strong evidence that the mistake made with my case was not my fault.
Please advise me I would love to submit the form I290 with USCIS I just need to understand if I can submit it from abroad. I do not want to use any lawyers anymore. And I can provide a check from USA to pay the fees.

Thank you.


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That’s not exactly correct, I’ve seen reports of approvals come after a person has left too. However, a change of status application is always abandoned on leaving the US. You can’t file a change of status from outside the US so you can’t reopen one either, anyway it’s been abandoned so what is there to reopen?


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And there is no point to a Change of Status when you are outside the US anymore anyway. Any status you had ended when you left the US. The next time you seek to enter the US, you will do so on the basis of a visa to get a new admission into the status corresponding to that visa, regardless of whether your status during your previous stay was extended or changed or not.