I140's with Labor Sub -- Pls Update CT123,140_140_140


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We had started a thread to keep track of the I140's with Labor Sub. I have taken the info from that thread and started it again .I think this will help us going forward.
Case 1
User i140helppls
Receipt Date 30-May-03
Status Received
Case 2
User ct123
Receipt Date 25-Jun-03
Statys ????????
Case 3
User 140_140_140
Receipt Date 15-Jul-2002
Status 2 RFE's .....
Pls update / add to this info.


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I have EB-3 Labour Sub as well.
RD/ND = Aug 2002

I did not file concurently, so its just I-140

I enquired about it in July 2003, They were waiting
for some file ( most probably original LC from
local office).

I have not received any ref yet.

hope this end successfully soon for all



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guys , since all of us are labor sub ones pls tell me one thing .
i believe that for a labor sub to happen one should have the same educational req and experience as mentioned on the job req.
so if a job req asks for BS IN COMP SC or equivalent and 1 yrs of experience thats what we shoule have . we shouldnt be bothered if the original guy had a BS with 3 yrs of experience . am i right ???????


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thats right....as long as you satisfy the requirements of the job (specified in the approved LC), you are okay. It doesn't matter what additional qualifications/experience the original beneficiary had.



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oops.. sorry for the wrong date...

EB3 (Sub - Concurrent)
RD: May/12/2003 ND: May/12/2003

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hi guys,

Any of you there who filed for an 8th year extension with bcis ?

Or any approvals for 8th year extension ?

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looks like kans19 got a RFE for his I140 labour sub. I think the reason is that because he filed concurrently.
Guys .... I think the only way out is to file concurrently and I assume that many of us are in the situation where the employer will not file parallel. is there a way out ???????/


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I recently checked my online status, they have increased
time to 360 days.
When i checked status from phone, i got erro message
saying "Due to technical difficulty they cannot tell me
anuthing..please call back later"
Has anybody else recived this sort of message, i repeateadly
tried over last tow weeks and got same message


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I too had similar experience while checking my I-140 and other petitions through AVM. Surpringly, after a week my I-140 was approved and the same message is updated on the AVM.


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And I rest my case!!!

EB-2 Labour subst. Original Labour Cert lost. 140 RD Feb 10th 2003, with a copy of LC.

first RFE:
came in may 1st week, 2003, on companies Tax returns for the last 3 years and a letter from the company that they didnt use the LC for anyone else, responded by june last week.

Mid-aug, second RFE arrived:
1. Asking for original LC as the letter from company said that the LC was not used for anyone till now. Attorney replied in the response that INS should contact Labor dept for a duplicate copy.

2. My sponsoring firm is a small firm, so INS dug out all the H-1s that the company had till now and asked why the firm had so many H1s (close to 40) compared to only 15 working right now. So they asked for a detailed list of who joined when and who left when and positions. This has been compiled and passed on to attorney.

3. Whether the beneficiary (yours truly) is on-site or with company project and if on-site proof ..so the RFE response included the copies of the last 2 client contracts.
(response to second RFE sent and received at INS on oct 30th, deadline was Nov 5th 2003).

The message now says "360 days blah blah blah ..".
Did not file 485/EAD/AP.

Should i file for them?
Advise please!!!!


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how does the LC look like ????. is it just a document saying that your ETA 750 FORMS have been approved. also does INS keep the original approval document and send just a copy to the employee.

i am in same situation as yours (I140 lab. sub .) and am thinking what should i do if i get RFE like this .


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hey...your company is just like mine. I guess you are in IT industry, right? There used to be so many H1B software engineers at my company as well. As the enconomy was going down most of them quit, and some were laid off. The number of employees are only 15 excluding overseas branch offices. 3 of us are H1B.

I got 1st RFE last year, and about to submit them. It seems to me that 2nd RFE is highly expected....