I140 RFE and lawyer asks more fees


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I recenlty received RFE from USCIS. I filed from LA and my lawyer asked me for additional fees of $700. I asked for help for preparation of documents such as any sample letters, and etc. She said she will charge additional $600 for checking the letters.

My questions are,

Can I file the RFE documents myself, not via her law office?
Is it still better to submit through her office?
What options do I have?

I'd appreciate your help.


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Good NIW Lawyer

Hi :

I have got my I-140 approved under the help of Charles E. Small. By my experience, I am sure this lawyer is very nice and responsible with a lot of experiences and charge reasonable fee. The address of this lawyer is:
Charles E. Small
Attorney at Law
177 Post Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94108
phone: (415) 398-7346
fax (415) 398-7500
email: csmall@immigrationlawwebsite.com

Please email me if you have any questions or phone at (415)5020717. liuch888@yahoo.com