i140 Experience letter


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Hi Guys,

My i140 PERM is being filed and attorney is requesting for an experience letter from my previous company.
I am not in good terms with my previous consulting company, so no letter was provided nor responding to my calls.
What is the possible solution?

Total Experience: current + previous companies = 28 months.
Experience in previous company: 18 months.
Current Salary: $150,000

I’m not sure why your employer (or the attorney if a law firm prepared the PERM) did not ask you to obtain the experience letters prior to submitting the prevailing wage for the PERM. It’s extremely important that it’s made clear that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience for the proffered position before starting the green card process. When USCIS processes your I-140 petition, they’ll review the letters carefully and compare them to what was provided on the PERM. There cannot be any discrepancies between the letters and the certified PERM. USCIS officers are very particular when reviewing the I-140.

Therefore, you will need to get the final letter. It doesn’t have to be signed by your direct boss. A supervisor or co-worker who can vouch for you can sign the letter as well.