i140 approved with notice that has a wrong eta case number

I just found out that my i140 approval notice has a wrong eta case number and in perm the state of my university is filled wrong.

Would it be able to get it corrected? Are these problem very serious?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.


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Its a harmless error. If it is a premium I-140 have your attorney or employer send email requesting for correction. If it is regular your employer or attorney needs to write to same service center approved the case. Keep in mind this is in regards with incorrect ETA case number with I-140 approval notice. For corrections in ETA 9089 DOL suggest to withdraw & re-file, I don't know if it is worth doing.


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First of all you cannot withdraw. It is only your employer who has authority to withdraw. Second of all as I said these are harmless errors. I would just notify service center of incorrect ETA case number & they will issue amended approval notice. That's about it. Having wrong state for university is not material misrepresentation. Of course universities are quite reputed for USCIS to know their town & state if they choose to do so.