I140 and I485 concurrent file and I140 approved, I485 Pending Thread


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Hi, I want to start a new thread to track the I485 case with I140/I485 Concurrent filed and I140 has been approved.
Here is my detail:
I140 RD 6/4/2004 AD: 2/16/2005
I485 RD 6/4/2004

No FP yet!....


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Lets track the progress on I-485s

Lets get together and Keep one thread for concurrently filed cases waiting for I485 approval.

Please see my details in the signature.


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Waiting for 485

I am on the same boat!

EB2 RIR: PD - !0/12/2001
I-140: RD - Sept/12/2003 AD - Jan/28/2005
I-485: RD - Sept/12/2003
FP: 12/1/2003


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I-140 approved by TSC; I-485 pending at Dallas local office

Here are my details:
PD: March2002
EB3 Concurrent filing RD:02/14/2003 ND:02/18/2003
2 EADs
2 APs
I-140 AD:11/08/2004 (after followup thro Senator)
I-485 Transfer to Dallas local office: 11/08/2004
Visit to Dallas Office after infopass appointment for status check: 12/30/2004
AD: ????


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Count me too...

Here are my details...

PD: June 2001 (EB3)
I-140 & I-485: RD Jul 2004
EAD/AP: AD Aug 2004
FP1 - Nov-2004
I-140 AD Jan 19, 2004.
I-485 LUD Feb 09,2004 (But no change in Msg.)
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Me too,

EB3 -PD 07/02
I-140 RD 12/2/2003: Approved 1/15/2005
I-485 RD 12/30/2003: Aproved :??????????
FP DONE ON 11/20/2004.


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dont forget to count me

dont forget to count me

EB3 09/01 Substitute

140 RD: 08/20/04; AD: 02/03/05
AP, EAD: 08/20/04; AD: 09/01/04

485 RD: 08/20/04; AD: :confused:

FP: 02/08/05


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In the same waiting game

Long time follower of the site, first time posting...

This is an amazing site!!!

My details in my signature.



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My CASE INFORMATION....waiting for 485

HI all,
category - EB3
country - INDIA
I140/485 - 09/25/2003(texas service center)
I140 AD - 02/11/2005
485 RD - 10/1/2003
485 RFE - 12/14/2004
485 RFE Replied - 1/13/2005
485 LUD - 01/20/2005
priority date - 1/31/2003
labor approved - 10/14/2003
485 AD - ????????
any body knows when 485 will get approved????
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