I want to visit while waiting on k1 visa, but...

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    Okay so here's the thing. I visited for 5 months and 25 days before this and then waited 6 months and want to come back to US to visit again. However I was turned away at the border for not having a return ticket or sufficient funds (I said that the friend I was visiting would support me). He didn't take this answer and simply denied my flight.

    I'm getting sufficient funds into my back account and going to print off a statement and then get a letter from my fiancée stating he can support as well as getting a return ticket.

    Now, I'm kind of hoping that while in the US my k1 visa in process will get accepted and we can then get married. Is this frowned upon and not a good idea? Should I actually just intend on returning anyways? Should I just wait here in Canada until the k1 visa is accepted?

    The k1 visa has been in process for about 5 months and we recently called and were told it is now "in queue". We have been calling to check on it quite often.

    I've been pretty fed up with having to stay away so long and really want to see him. But don't really wanna leave so quickly.
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    Your best bet is to wait for the K1 in your home country. There's no guarantee you will be admitted as a visitor, despite statements and funds.

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