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Hello all can someone please help I am in a very shit position. I am here on a holiday visa and tried to extend it and was denied. I have a lawyer and a job ready. I am ready to file for an H1b with an electrical engineer eqivalancy. I am going to use premium processing and wanted to know if I have to leave the country if the H1 is approved. If I do can I go into Canada or Mexico or do I need to go to my home country. PLEASE HELP. I am going crazy.

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If your H-1B is approved before your visitor visa expires, then you do not need to leave the U.S. You don\'t need the H-1B visa stamp in your passport until you leave the U.S. and need to return. The H-1B approval notice will come with an I-94 that replaces the one you have in your passport now.

If your visitor visa status expires before your H-1B approval, then you should leave the U.S. before this happens. You\'ll then have to get the H-1B visa stamp in your passport before re-entry. You might be able to wait it out in Canada or Mexico but be warned that you may not be successful getting your stamp at a consulate outside your home country.