I need help. My mom is going for surgery on the 13th.


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Hello, my mom is having surgery for a tumor removal on the 13th. I her son live with her and also my baby brother. She will be in the hospital for a few days after the surgery. I need help taking care of my baby brother, beacuse I have no other family or friends here in Canada. I have 2 older sister who are willing to come and help out. They live in Iraq. I have all the info regarding forms which are to be sent, with doctor's paper stating her surgery. I spoke to someone about this matter. She told me that she would charge 1500$ for everything. I am worried because she said it wasn't a guarantee. That it will take some time, maybe even months. Made it sound like she didn't have much info other then filling out the applications and sending them. So yea, I need some info, if you guys could help I would appreciate it very much. I am running out of time.

Thank you.


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Are you a kid? How old are you? You really should not be filling immigration forms or trying to handle this on your own. Doing the paperwork yourself is only for those who know what they are doing. And yes, folks in Iraq may not be able to get a visa in time to come help you so it is much better to reach out to neighbors or community organizations in the meantime. And yes, let the professionals do the paperwork for you but there is no guarantee of anything in immigration matters.