I have a question about infopass.. Please help....

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by krishna_gc, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. krishna_gc

    krishna_gc Registered Users (C)

    Hi Friends,
    I schedeuled an appointment using infopass for Dec 28. I lost the PIN number. I would like to cancel the appointment. Please help me how to cancel the appointment. Is there any phone number I can call and ask them to cancel the appointment.

    Krishna :confused:
  2. Hope_is_alive

    Hope_is_alive Registered Users (C)

    No Need

    If you do not show up..it gets cancelled automatically.
  3. Red_Card

    Red_Card Registered Users (C)

    Don't worry, They won't track you and punish you.
    It's not a sophosticated system. I have cancelled atleast 10 appts and used 1.
  4. krishna_gc

    krishna_gc Registered Users (C)

    Thanks, friends. But If I do not cancel the appointment now would I be able to schedule another appointment later?
  5. max_floyd

    max_floyd Registered Users (C)


    I am in the same boat as you. I lost my pin after scheduling on December 28th. I need to reschedule it. I logged into Infopass again, clicked on "setup new appointment" and entered the same details (name, DOB etc). Since I already had the appointment, on the following page it displayed all the details like confirmation #, authentication code etc (i think this one is different than the pin #). Then I tried cancelling the appt. using the details but it didn't let me cancel it. I got "Appointment cannot be cancelled" message. So, I called the customer service (800-375-5283). They asked to me try again after 24 hrs of setting up the appointment. I will try tonight and let you know.

  6. krishna_gc

    krishna_gc Registered Users (C)

    Thank you. I will wait for your response.
  7. max_floyd

    max_floyd Registered Users (C)


    I tried to cancel my appointment on infopass again and I still get "appointment cannot be cancelled" message. I called the customer service and they asked me to setup another appointment with same name but different phone #. That didn't work either. So, called again and they asked me to keep on trying?!!!! Anyway, I figured one can setup an appointment with a different DOB and it lets us in. I guess this is close enough. If there is any other find, please let me know.
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  8. kmunna

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    if you lost PIN and no info. try to make appointment again with same information i.e. phone and email and name you will get old appointment info. with PIN number then cancel it.....

    Good Luck
  9. BorisIvanov

    BorisIvanov New Member

    13 years have passed and I was facing the same issues and so I am so glad i came across your post. That is exactly what I did to get a new appointment since I could not change my previous one :)

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