I have a B1/B2 Visa and i'm afraid to be denied entry


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Hello everyone, i have obtained b1/b2 visa 2 years ago and i was not able to travel to the US back then since i live in a country under occupation, now i have a chance to use this visa, my country was not listed among the countries of the Travel Ban, yes i am a muslim, i want to ask if the fact that my visa is 2 years old will affect my entry or not, and do i need a solid reason or not, i am actually visiting some friends and looking for a prospect university for my masters degree, my financial situation is very good and i get 4 times the avg salary where i live, but it's gonna cost me a lot of money to get to the US so i don't want to waste money for no reason, do i need anything beside my visa to get into the US
PS: i have been to the US in 2015 on a J visa on a program that was supported and funded by the Dept of state
What's my status, what do i need and what questions will the immigration officer ask and what do i need to do to prove to him that i have no ill intentions, also does anyone know a program or a conference that i can sign up for that will help me in the process
Thank You in advance


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Make sure you take proof of reasons to return home (current home ownership/rental agreement, job or schooling to return to, etc).
I am of course assuming that your B visa has not expired yet.


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As long as the visa is not expired, you should be able to be admitted for a short visit. Carry proof of ties to your home country as mentioned above.

And if I were you, I'd be careful about getting too political, as you did here, in the current environment.

Also, try not to use any B2 entry to change status to something else. Were you in your home country to satisfy the 2-yr hrr rule?


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I visited the US (NYC) in July last year, and my visa had been issued nearly two years prior. The officer only asked two questions* (which only required truthful & concise responses**), and I was fine***.

I’d only printed out my itenary (flights and hotel). But I suppose carrying what @SusieQQQ and co. listed, would also make sense. Just in case.

* - What are you here for?
- How long are you here for?

** - Vacation.
- 7 days.

- (An entry stamp on my passport, allowing me to stay for up to 6 months. But only stayed for the intended 7 days).