I apply for J-1, can my wife apply for B2 to accopany me at the same time?


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I'm offered to do an internship at the US for 3 months, and I want to bring my wife with me. At the beginning, we intend to apply J-2 visa for my wife, but both the application fee and the insurance of the sponsored agency are too expensive, more than > 2000$ in total. So we intend to apply visa B2 for her at the same time with my J-1 application. I would like to ask:

+ First, is it possible? or my wife needs to wait until I have J-1 visa before she can apply? or she has to wait until I enter the US before she can apply?

If it is possible?

+ Will the consulate accept my invitation letter for her? because I'm not in the US yet. I can show the offer letter from the company.

+ How should we put the contact person in the US in her application? Can I put my address, even if I'm not in the US yet?

Thank you.