I am done! (NY DO)


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I completed my oath ceremony today morning. It has been a long (and sometimes painful) journey. I had been coming to this site since 1998 (when I started my GC), and have been a regular visitor ever since.

The interview on 29th Oct was fairly straightforward -- no questions were asked about the traffic tickets.

Thanks to all who provided critical information (especially suggestions about writing to Laura Bush -- that cleared my name-check after 14 months).

Good luck to all!



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Congratulations. Where did you do your oath? Is it normal to have it so quick?

I'll be doing my interview in Manhattan but I live upsate so my oath will be there (I assume based on the experience of others).



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In NY DO (Federal Plaza), the oath letter is given 30-45 mins after you pass the interview, with the oath date typically on the following Friday. If you see my wife's timeline, she has Oath 4 days after interview, as opposed to 9 days for me.
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