I am a US Citizen, seeking Canadian citizenship/Work Auth/Visa for family/brother.


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I am a United States Citizen and I acquired US citizenship in 2008 through Naturalization. Let me tell very clearly what my objective is,stepwise,

First thing I want to seek Canadian Citizenship. Is it possible to acquire Canadian citizenship by default(i.e being a US citizen) or are there any time-consuming steps required for that. Also do I need to really acquire Canadian citizenship to bring my brother there.
Once I get the Canadian citizenship, I would like to sponsor my brother Canadian Visa thru some kind of visa/GC/Sponsored Citizenship.I want to try for Canada, because I know it would take a lot of time to do the same thing to bring him to US. Or is there any other country where I can easily sponsor him visa. I thought Canada being so close, it would be better for me to try there. In fact honestly, I tried to bring him on H1 and it did not work out.

I feel so bad that even being a citizen of USA, I cant even bring him on any visa. There should be some way,I feel. I hope some really workable solutions will be presented/replied to this thread. I desperately would like to help him to US/Canada.
Really appreciate a quick response.
Why would you think that being a US citizen woukld give you any special consideration for Canadian immigrantion? They are two toally different countries.

To become a Canadian citizen, you have to move to Canada and establish residency similar to what you had to do to become a US citizen.

If he wants to move to Canada, he needs to apply through the normal means; if he cannot qualify, he is stuck where he is. You cannot do anything to assist in his Canadian immigration.

YOU could not have brought him on an H1B; a legitimate employer could have sponsored him if he were quialified.

As for brining family members to the US, they need to get in the back of a very long line of others waiting to immigrate.Wait your turn!

You really are out of touch with the realities of immigration. What is wrong with your brother that he cannot do this on his own?