I-94 validity date.


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I had gone to India on vacation. On coming into US I used my old Visa which is valid only till end of June and my I-94 got stamped till end of June of 2005. I do have a valid H1-B till the end of next year 2006, but since I did not get an appointment in time I did not stamp that new Visa in the passport.

I have also applied for an EAD which I should get in about 2 months from now i.e. by end of July.

But my lawyers are saying that between end of June till the time I get my EAD, I am not allowed to stay in the US. They are insiting that I go out of the country or file an H1-B extension. Is that required? Does INS ever check if my I-94 stamp was overstayed? I actually have a valid H1-B and EAD is on the way.

Someone please help me understand this.



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I-94 stamping

I had a similar experience last September. My visa stamp was expiring at the end of December 2004, so the clerk at the border stamps my I-94 with 12/31/04 expiration. Meanwhile my H1B status is valid until 10/31/07. So I asked why would she not put that as the expiration date since my visa has nothing to do with my status. She becomes really defensive and sarcastically states, "you probably know more about this than I do." The really sad part is that yes, I did know more than she did. It took an extra 40 minutes of arguing (there was no way I was leaving with December expiration on my I-94) and a supervisor, but the issue was finally resolved. This happened at LAX, you would think they have plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of documents, visas and whatnot.

I would assume that either filing form 539 or a quick trip to Canada or Mexico should resolve your issue, but I would consult with someone else. Good luck!


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Thanks 2ltl2l8 for the information!

Can someone still tell me if it is necessary to extend the I-94 date, even though I have a valid H1-B Visa till June 2006? I know a few friends who are staying like that, but my lawyer is insisting that I file an extension or something.

Someone help!


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I think Lawyer is right. You can't overstay beyond I94 date. You should have discussed this issue with the officer at airport. He must endrose valid H1B approval date not visa expiry date. It really matters when you go for GC process.

I suggest go out of country and get I94 stamp with H1 approval date before your H1 stamping expires.


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But don't they give a new I-94 attached to the bottom end of the H1b approval. as long as that is there you are ok. The I-94 no on that and the I-94 of your last entry match.


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The layer may be correct. I beleive even though you have your H1B extension valid beyond the visa expiry date stamped in your passport. The H1B extension you have is basically an extension of the I-94 that had in your passport before the travel and the I-94 numbers also matches. However when you traveled outside the country and entered back in, your I-94 number changes and what ever the expiration date given in this new I-94 is the absolute expiration date for your stay in US since your old I-94 (H1B) extension becomes invalid.

If the above is true then wouldn't filing a new H1 extension be valid? which will extend the new I-94's expiry date to what ever your allowed limit of 6 years or any allowed extensions beyond 6 years. If this works out it could save you a travel and hassle of visa stamping, check with your attorney.
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Thanks all for your responses.

I spoke to my lawyer and she confirmed that my I-94 expiration is the absolute date by which I have to leave the country. So I have decided to file for "Extension of Status" by which I will receive a new I-94 with expiration date of my new H1-B visa. I have to file this before my current one expires.

Thanks again!


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I94 Issue

Hi, My L1B(work-blanket) Visa expires on 19-Apr-2013, on the date of arrival, on I94 Form, immigration person mistakenly stamped as "05-jan-2011" and then she cancelled that stamp(by putting cross lines on that stamp), and she has written again other expiry date as "L1 04-APR-2013", so can anyone please tell me, is there any issue for me about my I94?