i-94 related question


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Probably this is the best place to post this question but I did not find any other relevent form thats why i am asking this question here.

I visited Canada few days ago for about 4 days and at the time of entry into USA I did not get a new I-94 card and neither did office made entry stamp in my passport showing that I entered into USA on that date. Is this normal? I heard that if some one is visiting Canada less than 30 days then they don’t get new I-94 card but what about entry stamp? Could any one highlight this issue?

Reason for asking this question is, usually when ever you apply for visa extension or I-485, one of the question is when did you enter into USA last time? Then how to answer this question when I don't have stamp in my passport showing that I enter into USA on that date?


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My spouse and I went to Canada September 2003, and came back to US without doing anything to our I-94. ( We did not turned them in and did not get a new one coming back either, by the way, we drove to Canada.) As per my experience, I put the last entering date shown on my passport which is not the date from Canada when we filled out immigration forms later on. We really did not think too much about it. And our I-485s were approved a couple of weeks ago.

Heidi Gao

Don't warry, You are fine. They won't make any record on your passport if the
trip doesn't require re-entry visa.

You can ignore such shrot trips when filling out the immigration forms.