I-94 data mismatch - contains info abt completely diff person


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I am a graduate student starting my first semester in US. Recently I had been to SSN office to obtain a SSN and i was informed that the data my I-94 number retrieved from the system belongs to a different person all together. None of the fields seemed to match to my passport details.

Certainly CBP offier or system failure at Homeland Security is responsible for this as the data on I-94 I have is verified and correct. How can the US system have different person's record on my I-94 reference number in their system?

If the Homeland Security office fails to rectify the issue in time, I will probably be replaced by some other student for on-campus job opportunity I managed to grab.

What can be done now?
Can any one suggest me something to expedite the procedure?
hey can any one help??/

today i went to homeland security... they say my data is perfectly matching to my passport and i-20... but the miss match still persists in SSN system..

what can be done..
please help!!!!!
Tell Social Security to reverify the I-94 information with Immigration, rather than relying on what they currently have in their system.

Or take a quick trip outside the US and come back with another I-94.