I-9 employment start date and Port of Entry date.


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I entered United States recently but my offer letter is having my date of employment starting 1 month from the date I entered United States. While filling the I-9 form I should be entering the Date of Employment as the actual employment start date which is present in my offer letter. Would that in any way cause a problem in future for extension of H1B visa or applying for green card because there is a 1 month gap in between the Port of Entry date and the I-9 employment Start date?

Example -

Port of Entry - August 24th
Offer Letter employment start date - Sept 23rd
I-9 employment date - Sept 23rd.

Would the 1 month period of stay between August 24th and Sept 23rd be valid or will I be asked questions on what I was doing without employment and with a H1 status in the US?

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You should indicate the correct dates because it is perfectly acceptable for a worker to arrive ahead of time to prepare to start a new job. It is understood that you need to come early to find a place to live, furnish the house, search for schools for your children, etc. If you were able to enter ahead of time, you are already in H1 status, so you are not without status at all as long as you eventually start to work on time.