I-864 Income Questions


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Wife and I file our taxes jointly. She makes twice as much as me (more then enough to sponsor a family of four). On the I-864, I know there is a question asking for your individual income. When NVC ask for the I-864, should we also submit a copy of her latest W-2 with the tax transcript to show that she makes more then enough alone to support a family of four (me, her, and both of her parents that she wishes to sponsor)? I take it also since her income is greater then the amount needed, I will not be required to file an I-864A?


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If you submit a IRS tax transcript, you don't need to submit a W2 for the same year. It's either tax transcript alone, or W2 + copy of tax return.

What is the background of the situation? Your wife is a USC and you are a green card holder, and she wants to sponsor her parents who are currently outside the US?
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To clarify I am a USC by birth. My wife obtained her citizenship based on our marriage. One of the big reasons she elected to become a citizen was to sponsor her parents. Her parents are currently outside the US waiting for the process to take its course. I wanted to clarify that I would not be required to file an I-864A as a household member if her income alone meets the required amount?

On a side note, my wife is upset that I advised her to do the CP then to allow them to come here when they had valid visitor visas (I think they expired last October), and do AOS. My wife is also upset because she filed the I-130s in June and it is still pending, but both were transferred from NBC to the Nebraska Service Center in December, and claims she heard that someone her mom knows filed the I-130 in November and has already been approved. I told my wife that I don't believe an I-130 has been approved 2 months after it was filed, and I think she has been misinformed. I also informed my wife that based on the processing dates available for Nebraska (March 20, 2013 on November 30, 203) my math has the I-130s being approved in the middle of February. Another question off-topic: Once NVC receives an approved petition from USCIS, I take it my wife will have to pay the AOS (Affidavit of Support fee), submit the I-864, pay the immigrant visa fee, file the online immigrant visa application, and send required civil documents to NVC? If that is the process and my wife responds in a reasonable amount of time (she has all of the civil documents ready), how long should the process take till NVC states the case is ready for an embassy interview?


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You don't need to file I-864A if her income is enough and you are not including your income in her household income on the I-864.