I-765 Ead Online Application Guide


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EAD Renewal Online Vs Paper Filing ?


I have filed 485 on 6-12-2007 for both myself and my wife.I also got 1 year EAD and AP which is expiring sep 25th 2008. My wife and I are still in H1B and not used our current EAD so far.But to renew my EAD now, I have the following questions.

1. Can I file e-file or paper file the EAD application?
2. What fee structure we fall under? $180 or $340?

thanks in advance


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i made the same mistake

I made the exact same mistake for my EAD relacement card. I know this was 3 years back, do you remember how you resolved this issue? can you suggest the best course of action based on your experience?
Thanks in advance,
I filed the online application for EAD (I-765) on behalf of my wife. But while filling up the form, I mistakenly entered the "Country of Citizenship/ Nationality" as "USA", instead of "India". I have been calling the 800 numbers for NSC, but the CSRs are of no help. What do you think that I should do in this case? I am thinking of correcting the typo in the printed application and highliting it and include it along with the supporting docs. Please let me know if you have any ideas?



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New set of instructions for EAD renewal

Has anyone posted updated information for the e-file ?
I am starting the process of renewal as my EADs.

It will be great if some one can either post instructions for e-renewal or provide a link to the same.

Thanks in advance.

Firstly Thank You for putting these detailed instructions.

Some changes I noticed in efiling instructions as of 09/10/2007:
1. One no longer needs to take an appt with the ASC, I believe you will receive a letter from USCIS
2. Supporting Docs - The following PDF mentions a very small list of supporting Docs (as compared to the list posted on this thread). Can someone who has received an approval recently verify what supporting documents need to be sent for I765 efile and I131 efile

I have efiled EAD and Ad Parole, need to send Supporting Docs and awaiting call for Biomentrics appt

My Status:
I485 - pending Jan 06, EB2
I141 - approved July 06



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Expired AP had another year extension in Port of Entry


My wife recently came from India using Advance Parole, this parole actual expiration date May 13th 2009. But in port of entry they put stamp for another one year until April 25th 2010. Here my question was can she use same AP for next time or do I need to apply for another one. Normally we do get AP for one year but why did they get stamped for another year?
Does anyone has same situation please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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help on e-file eod

my lawyer helped with the whole AOS filing a while back but dunno what happened to the I-765 as we never even got a receipt so i tried e-filling today online and it's charging me another $340. Am i making an error somewhere cos i know it is to be free if filling under a pending I-485...please could someone instruct me on what to do???
i got receipt of I-485 and have already done my biometrics nd gotten my interview date,i just need to rectify the I-765 problem.

Any info will be appreciated!


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I understand that the FAQ provided is for those who are looking to renew their EAD. Can this FAQ be followed with some minor adjustments for those who are looking to e-file EAD for the first time?


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Hi everyone,
I am renewing my EAD card since my I-485 is still pending. I want to know the question of item 11. The date(s) is meaning the date I applied the last EAD or the date of my last EAD card was issued/granted? If it's the date that I applied for last EAD, there is no way for me to recall it. Could anybody know the answer? Thanks a lot.


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yes, the date is the date on which you applied or is shown in the receipt of the last EAD application. which is not the date on which you were granted the approval


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EAD Reneval under political Asylum

Hi I just submited the I-765 online but i have to send some documents to prove
that i qualify but Im not really sure what documents are those. Can some one help me?
I appreciate..


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TPS for sudan expecting 4000 to register any one got EAD from sudan TPS yet? New registration people

Sudan TPS new registration is expected to get 4000 new initial registration. Please share if you have received your EAD ..
hope no much delays.
please outline your time frame:
Date of application
Date of Biometrics
date of AED recieved...