I-751 rfe

We are responding to a RFE for I-751. We will be sending marriage documents such as marriage certificate, son's birth certificate, photographs, invitation card, etc.

Since we initially came to know of each other through a personal web-site, should we also give the name of the website?


Registered Users (C)

Everything is related to your relationship.
Here is sample of all evidences ,submitted to my case.

- Original of Our Saving and checking account statement, showing joint accounts (Financial Credit union, Bank of America.).

- Copy of Joint loans (mortgage) of our house and our car.

- Copy of Deed Warranty of our house showing both of our names.

-. Copy of Joint Homeowner Insurance Policy

- Copy of our joint US Tax 2005, 2006, 2007
- Copy of Joint Car Registration.

- Copy of Joint Car Insurance policy.

- Copy of our Health Insurance Card showing a joint policy.

- Original Joint Utility Bill.

- Copy of Driver License both of us.

- Copy of our airplane reservation for vacation of we planned for 2007, 2008.

- Copy of our Tax Exemption 2007 /2008 showing both of our names

- Some Photos our Family (all our sisters and Grand Father, when we were on vacations), Our pictures taken over last 4 years.

- Some Xmas Cards received by to our marriage.
us from our Friend and Family.

- Two Affidavits from Friends attesting

good luck guy