I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions documents

Does anyone know what the normal page count of papers is to accompany an I-751 (petition to remove conditions on a 2-year green card)?

My wife and I filed an I-751 last year. We received a letter back recently from USCIS saying we hadn't supplied enough documentation.

Amongst other things, we sent bank statements, but USCIS noted that what we sent was only "for a few months". We had sent the most recent months only because we did not want to flood them with too much paperwork.

Since they want more proof, we are now sending all of our banks statements from the time we filed the petition (June 2015) to now, since they say they don't want duplicates. The question is, is this enough?

Combining what we sent before, they will have bank statements going back to late 2014 (we were married in 2013). So for the same account, they'll be able to see we maintained joint bank accounts with shared expenses from the present back to late 2014.

Question 1: Are we sending too much? Seems like they want it. Or...

Question 2: Are we not sending enough? Should we send statements that go all the way back to early 2013 (when we were married)? This seems like a lot of papers.

Note: we are not just sending bank statements, but quite a lot of other documents. The bank statements alone are a lot of paper. Feels like too much. Is this normal (approximately 100 pages?)



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They want to see more than just recent stuff, perhaps evidence of co-mingling since your spouse entered the US on CR-1. Variety takes precedence over quantity, though papers do add up.