i 751 interview 4 years after receiving permanent green card


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I am little bit confused about the letter I received from USCIS
I got my conditional green card in 2013 (marriage based) and applied for my permanent green card in 2015 which I did receive in 2015.
One year ago I applied for citizenship (N 400) and 2 month ago I received my invitation for N 400 interview which got canceled due to government shutdown.
One month later the interview got rescheduled for March 8th and after that came out of nowhere a letter inviting me for a I 751 interview at the same time and same place as my N 400 interview!!!!??! Since I filed the I 751 4 years ago and already got my permanent green card at the time then, how is it possible that they are inviting me now for an interview on I 751?
Another strange thing is that when I look at my profile on the uscis website there is no mention of this I 751 interview, only the N 400 interview.
Shall I prepare anyway for a I 751 interview, meaning bringing my wife and bona fide documents? Or shall I just discard that letter as a mistake?
Thanks for your help


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The i-751 letter could be a mistake since you already received the permanent green card. However, the last thing you want to do is ignore something from USCIS. There are a number of posts where USCIS has been reviewing the entire immigration history of a N400 applicant whose green card came about through a marriage or employment based. If you are currently married to the spouse who sponsored your green card, take the wife to the interview, if indeed the letter is genuine.


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Thanks a lot for your answer, I will bring my wife and bona fide documents with me to play safe and hope for a nicer inspector than 5 years ago...
Thanks again