I-485 (VSC) approved for spouse

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by pchem, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. pchem

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    Hi ALL,

    I am happy to inform that my wife's I-485 finally got approved today July 20th, 2005. It took 2 months for her I-485 to be approved after mine approved in May 2005.
    So journey to be a permanent resident in USA is over now. It was a great experience filling GC using this forum. We wish all forum reader best of luck.

    Thank you all.


    I-140 (NIW) PD 03/23/04 approved March 20th 2004
    I-140 (EA) PD 04.05.04 approved January 25th 2005.
    I-485 October 10th, 2004, approved May 20th , 2005 based on Interfiling EA
    to NIW, card received on june 2nd, 2005.
    I-485 (Spouse) sept 29th,2004, approved July 20th, 2005
  2. flowermimi

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    Dear pchem,

    Congratulations on your spouse's approval!

    Do you know why it was delayed?

    Have you ever called VSC to find out and what did they say?

  3. pchem

    pchem Registered Users (C)

    Dear Flowermimi,
    I dont know why it was delayed. we called vsc one month back. The officer told just wait one month. He was nice and told it should be approved before. He did not elaborate anything more.


  4. asa225

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    Probably you might be able to guide me.

    Mine I-485 got approved on 6/27 but not for spouse.

    I called VSC, they told that RFE has been ordered for her on 6/24. I have not received yet.

    When I am trying to find out status by entering notice number into their 800 number, it says that due to temporary problem in our system we could not access this case number.

    What you will suggest me to do?
  5. alien2be

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    Congrats Pchem....

    In my case i got my 485 approved in May and also got my card in may, but i havent heard anything about my wife's 485. she got her finger printing done in april and since then there is no update. I am the primary and wondering if the visa retrogresion will affect my case, but as you got u r 485 apporved in july i have some hope.
  6. shokaido

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    Interfile Pending I-485

    Congratulations, pchem.

    I noticed you interfiled your I-485 and got it approved. I am in the same boat now. I want to interfile my pending I-485(linked to NIW I-140) to a recently approved I-140-OR.

    Could you tell me what documents you sent to USCIS to interfile your I-485?

    And where did you send the documents to? Was it the same place you submitted your I-485?

    Did you receive confirmation for your interfiling request?

    Sorry about the questions, but I really hope to know the answer.

    Thanks a lot.
  7. pchem

    pchem Registered Users (C)

    Hi Shokaido,

    Yes I can tell you the documents I furnished.

    1- One letter requesting to interfile your case.
    2. Pearson memo., The link is as follows


    3. I-140 approval notice.

    4- I-485 notice

    Then send to the center where you filled your I-485. On the envelop mention Interfiling/Substitution I-140 t0 I-485

    I did not receive any confirmation. I was wondering what was going on. One day I saw my case was approved.

    Good luck.

  8. shokaido

    shokaido Registered Users (C)



    This is very helpful. I really appreciated your information.
  9. sn99

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    How you called VSC. When I try the 1-800 number, I do not get any useful info. The agent tells the samething as in online message. Can you tell me the number you called .
  10. alshine

    alshine Registered Users (C)

    Congrats and thanks pchem for sharing your experience. But the link to the Pearson memo does not seem to work. Could you please update that URL? Thank you very much.

  11. sa7797

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    Inter-file Cover Letter

    Can any one send me Inter-File Cover letter for USCIS?

    email me at nisar61ali at yahoo


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