I-485 Pending almost 3 years!!


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Hi there,
I have a really complicated immigration case. I came to the USA as a visitor back in January of 2007. I got married to a USC in March of 2007. I knew the guy for a while since I was a student here in the USA and came back to visit him and finally decided to marry him.
I filed the I-485 Back in May of 2007 at the Tucson office. I received the Biometrics appt. in June 2007. Also, they asked us for a financial sponsor since he was a student and wasn't making money. We sent them all this documentation and the case resumed on June 22, 2007.
Fast forward to August 29, 2007 and we had out interview. We didn't have much documentation to present to them since we were both very poor. We only had the joint bank statements. The interview went well, but the immigration officer said they might contact me for additional information for evidence of marriage since my husband was staying in a house his parents bought, so there was really no lease for the both of us.
In September of 2007, they sent us a request for more evidence. I sent them joint bank statements, joint health insurance, joint car insurance, joint triple A, joint car title, and joint car registration.
I have not heard a word from them ever since. I also filed for my EAD in May of 2007, and It didn't get approved till January of 2008!!! I filed a service request for the work permit and the i-485 and they said they are pending a name check and its gonna take further review or something.
My husband and I moved to New Mexico for for a semester but kept our Tucson Address cuz it was only a temporary move. Of course all of us know the financial crisis this country is going thru, and I spent a year looking for a job. I finally found a VERY good job in Palo Alto, CA in January of 2009. It was an offer I could not refuse. My husband had one more semester to go and he was done, so we decided for me to take the job and him take classes MTW and drive over to me every other week.
Well, that was the plan, so the lease and all the other stuff mentioned above is still under our names.
2 Months pass by and I am heartbroken, I found out that he has been cheating on my with this Stripper he met at a strip bar in Tucson.
I am absolutely devastated by this news. I now, in August almost healed from this but it is still a blow to the head.
I don't know if I could forgive him ever for this. He was suppose to completely move here to CA by June, but that all fell thru when I found out about this in March. He wants to make amends, but he still has one more semester to go, and to be quite frank.. I will never trust him again. I want a divorce, but I don't know how I'm going to do this without getting in trouble with the USCIS. Also, do they ALWAYS have us come in for a second interview? I have no Idea why this immigration stuff is taking so long. I am really afraid that they might call us or a second interview while he has not been living with me for the past 6 months.
Also, I met someone else online who is very caring and loving. Now I do not want to jump from one marriage to another so quickly. I had 6 months to heal, and I have been seeing this other US citizen for about 3 months although I have known him for 2 years. He wants to marry me but I do not want to rush into anything.
My lawyer I hired here told me I have 3 options:
1- Make amends with my husband and try to make this work and start living with him again.
2- get a divorce and marry this other guy and start all over again.
3- See if my work could sponsor me.
I am really really desperate and I need all the advice I could get.
I am from Saudi Arabia, and I am a female.. How often do you hear about a Saudi girl marrying and American guy? I eel like I am being profiled, and thats why this is taking so long. Call me paranoid, but its what I Feel. I never was attracted to Saudi Men or the way they treat their women. My husband is US citizen that was born here but his parents are from Saudi Arabia... I thought he was different but I guess I was wrong...
Any advice is appreciated..
Thank you