I-485 on-spot RFE during Initial Question


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To all Gurus out there.

My GC case has become very complicated and I need all the help from you guys out there.

here is what happened to me.

1) Filed my LABOR in EB3 category in 2002 ( 3 years graduation)
2) LABOR approved
3) 2007 I-140 denied
4) 2007 filed a 1999 substiture from the same employer, files I-140/I-485 together.
5) 2007 filed another 2004 substitute form a different company. Filed I-140
6) Applied for EAD/Advacce Payroll for the 485 that was filed from my current company
7) Recieved EAD/Advanced payroll.
8) In 2008 I-140 denied which caused the 485 to get denied .
9) 2008 got I-140 approved from the other company.
10) 2010 denied 485 repopened based on the approved I-140 from the other company
11) got RFE asking for Offer Letter, replied to the RFE with offer letter.
12) Got initial Interview call from USCIS
13) Interview went on for 1:15 min. Was asked various question.

Now the trouble starts

the Ofice asked me if I intend to join te other company. I said yes after I get my GC. I am just being a little careful since USCIS has denied me twice.
but the officer insisted that the offer letter to the previous states that I will join them once I have a GC but it does not state a START DATE and a LOCATION. Inspite of me telling him that this is for future employement and I will join the company once I get my GC approved, he gave me a RFE right there, asking me to bring an Offer letter with START DATA from the other company.

Now I can get a latter but my current attorney thinks that putting a future date may raise more questions like why did you choose this date. so Instead he put these words

"We intend Mr. XXXXX to work for us based of our XXXXXX Office on a permanent basis pursuant to the I-140, and will hold this position open for the beneficiary until completion of the permanent resident case"

Now my questions is this is exactly why this RFE was raised in the first place.I would appreciate any help in fining the ight format for the letter that USCIS request and suggestions on how to handle this.