I-485 got denied,plz help


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2004 DID bring me happiness and sadness.
A few hours before 2005 I received the NOTICE OF DECISION from CSC, saying my 485 had been denied since I could not submit a Visa Screen Certificate. I am a registered nurse, the certificate is mandatorily required to acquire GC. I tried in the whole year to pass tests to get that certificate, but failed.
Problem is, what should I do now? I tried google, someone says MOTION TO REOPEN is the way to solve the problem,is it right? If it suceed, it will buy me some time to pass the test and get the certificate.

So good to see many of you got approved.
May God bless me and everyone here.

I-140 & 485 RD:FEB 15,2003
I-140 & EAD AD: JUN 16,2003
AP AD:FEB 11,2004
I-485 DENIED DATE: DEC 27,2004


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Definitely consult with the lawyer! If you need a good one, ask around. Word of mouth works the best. And file motion to reopen.


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I'm the one candyroy above was referring the thread about I do not know where you are from but you can get in touch with "Mercy Sequera" in sunnyvale, CA her ph# 408-245-2416. She is the one who responded to my NOID and I got the approval.

I'm not saying that she will do miracle, but that is one lawyer I sure can say you can trust.


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If you are near San Francisco, call Michael McDeavitt at 925-227-1490. He is in Pleasanton and he has a really good relationship with SF office. Good luck!