I-485 (dv 2003)

may be somebody can advise me on the following matter:

I'm on H1B status and received a letter indicating I won a green card. I filed I-485 in October, together with I-765 for EAD. I never get any response from them. Usually, any INS processing center sends notice of action whenever they get the documents from the person. I filed in NYC center - nothing has been received.

I got nervous and sent them the 2d package with the same documents. Now I received a receipt that they cashed my check for EAD (I-768). No notice of action.

I also received back the whole package I-485 with the letter that it's too early for me to file for AOS since my visa number will be available only in December (I checked visa bulletin). Now it's a question: looks like one package with the originals has been lost, and 2d one has been received. Part of the 2d one has been returned, part of that package is in INS. Again, no notices of action, nothing.

My questions are:

does anybody know the practice in NYC INS center: do they send any notices of action if they cashed your check? How do they work?

The AOS is usually continue more than a year. If I file in December does it mean I am still eligible for interview process (even they tell visa is available till the end of next September)?

I appreciate your answer.



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I do not know NYC INS. But I think they will not inform you when they have cashed your check. I-485 through DV is supposed to process faster than other categories because of the time limit. I did my in Sacramento INS and it took around 6 months to get approval.