I 485 denied further options


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My case details are

I am currently working here on H1b
My PD is 0ct 2006
First I filed I 140 in EB2 category which got denied on March 14 2008.
Then immediately I filed a petition (I 290B) within 30 days and the case is in pending as off today.(Receipt date April 12 2008)
Then on May 28 2008 I filed a new I 140 in EB3 category which got approved on June 19th 2008.

Now I 485 got denied stating that I didnt maintian the continuity as the second I 140 was filed after the denial of the first I 140.
But after my first 140 denail I immediately filed a MTR which is in pending.

They didnt gave me chance to appeal to this decision.

Can you plaese suggest me what are the options available for me to re open this case...

I am planning to go to local USCIS office thru info pass.


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Can you copy & paste wordings of denial letter after blocking out sensitive info. What exactly does anybody should mean by 'continuity'. Are they talking whether you maintained status during that period, but then if you filed I-290 that would get you under status