I-485 could be denied for unauthorized unemployment


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I am experiencing one of the most difficult problems in my life. I came to USA on June 10th, 2005 (I was 23) with a visa tourist B-2 and I stayed in the US ilegally until now. My mom filled a I-130 on 29 december 2006 when she was permanent resident. Later she became citizen and she changed my status case being now first priority. So on July 22, 2010 I got the approval of the I-130. But here is the problem ..It's supposed that I have to wait for a visa in order to file the form I-485 but one of the requirements to adjust my status is that I should not work in the US (I am not inmediately relative I am considered family member, unmarried son over 21), and I did...I work since 2006 but I got my ITIN number to pay my taxes. So please as I read in some forums they said that USCIS won't accept my application and they would ask me to leave the country...is there anyway I can avoid this? does a waiver can do something to solve my case? please I really need help. I didn't file yet the I-485 what can I do for not being deported? please please I am desperate I really need help