I-485 Approved


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Hi Everybody:

I have been a visitor to this forum for the past
12 months, but posting for the first time.

My wife's and mine I-485 was approved very recently
on May 24 according to the Online status. We got the
Approved letters in mail and got our Passport stamped
from Dallas District Office.

PD June 1999
RD Dec, 2000
ND Jan, 2001
Change of Employment (layoff) July 2001 (184 days into I-485)
AC21 letter sent, July 2001
FP March, 2002
RFE May 2002
(Asked for Employment letter, duties, Previous statuses
since came to US)
Response to RFE Recd by INS Aug 2002
I-485 Approval May 24, 2003

I hope this helps others who might be in similar situations.
I have learnt a lot from this forum, I came to know about
the 15 month FP expiration rule through this forum, requested
lawyer to draft a letter to the INS officer requesting approval
before FP expiration. I found out about the Officer # and fax # from the IIO. Lawyer also used AILA liaison to request
approval using FP expiration as a reason in May 2003.

I am very impressed with the work of Tru, Jaxen and many
others who are helping many people here. Thanks and good
wishes to all of you in getting approvals.



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Officer #


Wingc03 says "I found out about the Officer # and fax # from the IIO."

Here is a quest for everyone!

What is the Officer #. Does this mean that one can get the # of the officer adjucating the case, and contact him/her directly.

Excuse my ignorance, but this is new to me.



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Yes, In the RFE I gave employment information based on my new
job duties and salary (a little higher than the original LC).

MeandTSC and Wella:

Each case eventually gets assigned to an Officer and one
can possibly get that info from IIO (atleast it used to be that
way when 800.... number wasn't there) if one is persistent
enough. I called IIOs enough time to find the Officer # and
Fax #, they won't give you names only Officer #. (Some
time the IIO info was not correct, since they gave different
officer #s)

Then Faxed the letter requesting approval since FP were
expiring, at the same time my lawyer worked also through
the AILA liaison, which of the two worked I am not sure,
may be the latter but we capitalised on the reason of FP
expiring, another approval on the board also got approved
on the day his FP was expiring.

Wish you all the best.



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First of all ...my wishes "Wingc03".

Secondly I didn't understand why people are asking for Officer# and fax# of the officer? why you guys always want to screw up the things?

If "Wingc03" gives the Officer# and fax#.......all of you guys will keep calling number and bug the guy who lift the phone??

TCS is very slow in processing...that doesn't mean that we have to get the officer# from "Wingc03" and call the officer to request to process the application.

No Hard feelings.


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Congrats Wingc03.
Good to see TSC moving ( even though slowly than we would wish for).

Wingc03, seems to me you didn't wait for RFE and sent in AC-21
right away. Also you were unemployed for a very short time.
Is that right ?
Congrats again.

PD - Dec '99
RD - May '02
No FP.

EB3, India


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On Officer # and Fax # issue:

The only reason I followed up on that and my lawyer
agreed to draft letter and go through the AILA

1)FP were expiring
2)Case was pending for a long time.

Please use these as a last resorts, we know that these
things can work provided we don't dilute them
by sending them too many faxes/requests.

My feeling is that there is a way one can possibly influence
one's processing using CLEAR and SINCERE arguments.
WHICH IS GOOD NEWS provided we do it sparingly as last