I-485 approved - question on passport stamping


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Hey Guys,

My I-485 was approved on July 13 and this morning (July 16), I received the approval notice. My case was a long winded case with a stern long RFE with ability to pay issues and after a few days I will write a report on how we responded so that some of you guys will have more info.

Anyways - I have a question now - would appreciate your assistance.
The notice says "The immigration card facility will mail the new alien registration card directly to the applicant in approximately 120 days". Does this mean I dont have to go for passport stamping via infopass? Or can I go for passport stamping regardless?

Thank you all and wish you all the very best.


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No, you do not have to go for stamping. You should get the card within 2 weeks at the going rate.

Stamping is only for those who want to travel while awaiting the plastic.


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passport stamping is optional, no matter if card has
been already ordered or not. It's good to have it, though, just
in case something happens before you get plastic card.
You may have emergency travel, may need to change job,
or card simply being delayed... You never know what will happen.
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