I-485 Approved after AC21 & RFE

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  1. Wingc03

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    Hi Everybody:

    I have been a visitor to this forum for the past
    12 months, but posting for the first time.

    My wife's and mine I-485 was approved very recently
    on May 24 according to the Online status. We got the
    Approved letters in mail and got our Passport stamped
    from Dallas District Office.

    PD June 1999, EB2 India
    RD Dec, 2000
    ND Jan, 2001
    Change of Employment (layoff) July 2001 (184 days into I-485)
    AC21 letter sent, July 2001
    FP March, 2002
    RFE May 2002
    (Asked for Employment letter, duties, Previous statuses
    since came to US)
    Response to RFE Recd by INS Aug 2002
    I-485 Approval May 24, 2003 (TSC)

    I hope this helps others who might be in similar situations.
    I have learnt a lot from this forum, I came to know about
    the 15 month FP expiration rule through this forum, requested
    lawyer to draft a letter to the INS officer requesting approval
    before FP expiration. I found out about the Officer # and fax # from the IIO. Lawyer also used AILA liaison to request
    approval using FP expiration as a reason in May 2003.

    I am very impressed with the work of Tru, Jaxen and many
    others who are helping many people here. Thanks and good
    wishes to all of you in getting approvals.


    PS-> I am not a lawyer, please use information at your own risk.
    My case might be a specific or exception.
  2. Wingc03

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    I made sure that salary was almost the same (+2%) from
    what was mentioned at LC
  3. Wingc03

    Wingc03 Registered Users (C)

    I did move but within the city and I filed AR11 after the RFE
    was already done, so it didn't have an impact in my opinion.
  4. jyjy99_00

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    Hi Wingc03,

    You mentioned that "AC21 Letter sent July 2001", Could you explain what is that ?

    Do you need to notify INS after you change employer?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.
  5. Wingc03

    Wingc03 Registered Users (C)

    Job responsibilties and AC21 letter contents

    Regarding Job responsibilties

    Yes both jobs were similar and Yes I made sure that the responsibilties were similar, sometimes there is flexibility

    The AC21 letter was drafted by my lawyer to inform INS
    that I am changing employment using AC21, it had
    employment dates, description of new duties and the
    salary information and a letter saying how I am still in
    compliance with AC21 law.
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  6. jaxen

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    Wingc, please post a generic version of that support letter in this thread. After which I will close this thread. (will still be visible)
  7. jaxen

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  8. therg14

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    how i can check my 1485 status i fill mi aplication in miami thanks for your help
  9. dev28

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    Do they usually give out info re: adjudicating officer' fax and phone number?
  10. sd999

    sd999 Registered Users (C)

    My FP is going to be almost 15 months old and was wondering if I can also send the letter requesting approval before FP expiration. Do you happen to have the letter to share?

    What should I do in this case?

  11. Kikay

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  12. smokepond

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    AC21 Letter

    I would be interedted in knowing more about the AC21 letter you sent to INS.
    I did change my employment (9 months after filing my 485), but I have not informed INS about this.....
    Any way possible you can post a format of that letter.

    Thanks in advance

    140 approved.
    Currently on 2 EAD
    485 filed in March 2003
  13. LiveAndLetLive

    LiveAndLetLive Registered Users (C)

    I am in similar situation. Now I got an RFE. Not sure what that is for. Please advice if I should send AC21 letter now?

    Thanking you in advance.
  14. Rod

    Rod New Member

    Common terms and definitions

    Hi friendly people:
    Would you please help me to learn the basics regarding terms and definitions?
    Where couold I find them?
    PD, EB2, RD, ND, AC21, FP, RFE, TSC, IIO, AILA.

    I understand I-485 is the name of the aplication for a permanent residence based on future work offer I-140. Is it OK?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance:
    Rod :)
  15. girishreknar

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  16. girishreknar

    girishreknar Guest

    Yes, I am in SIMILAR BOAT as sd999, can you please share that letter to expedite the process based on FP expiration? by the way what is AILA, IIO stands for? who and how can you use AILA liaison? How do you find Officer # and fax #?

    Thanks much!
  17. crajid

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    How much longer after filing 485?

    My lawyer filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently on 8/24/05. Does anybody know how long to get I-485 approval?

  18. goodyearahead

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    Hello Gurus !

    What is your legal status during AOS ie., your I-485 is pending and you have valid EAD and AP but your H1 has expired ( both your visa and petition )?..hope you are not considered out of status :D

  19. 4evermax

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    anyone approved - 485 in Garden city interview

    Me and my wife went Garden City for i 485 interview ;She asked me if i ve been arrested my wife tax returns ,wedding photos I 30 approved BUT NO STAMP and She wrote section 245 pending ? Also sine i am in Usa if i left the Country i said yes then she asked to fill aplication for waiver the i have to wait background security check
    So far i havent got any letter yet Whats going on !
    I applied April 2003
  20. Greencarddream

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    Changing State after invoking AC21

    PD Feb 2003
    I 485 filed on June 7, 07

    1. After 180 days of AOS being pending, can I join an employer which is in a different state other than the current by invoking AC21? Is there a salary limit while changing to a new employer? I am aware that the job description should match the current one.

    2. My wife's H4 will get expired on Sept 03, 07. We have file for I485, EAD and AP on June 7th. Should I extend her H4 by appling I797? Is there any risk of being out of status?

    Please guide me on the above matters.

    GC Dreamer

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