I-485 and salary less than prevailing wage


My current salary is about 19% less than the prevailing wage (obtained at the time of PERM filing). I see no scope of my salary being anywhere near the PW by the time my priority date becomes current.

I have following questions (please help!!!):

1) At time of I-485 will I need to provide a letter from employer stating that employer agrees to pay Prevailing Wage after I-485 approval or EAD? What are my options if my employer doesn't agree to give such a letter?

2) Any other issues I need to be aware of because of this difference between salary and prevailing wage?



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From the time of labor certification filing until I-485 get approved your employer needs to show they are paying or has ability to pay prevailing wages. If you are currently getting paid 81% employer needs to come up with evidence it continues to have ability to pay remaining 19% in form of net income or net current assets.