I-485 and MTR denied


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May 2008 moved due to job to UAE and meet my husband married in Aug 2008
Sep 2008 had to move due to my daughter's accident and needed immediate surgery
May 9th 2009 my husband entered on visit visa
October 2009 we suppose to move back to UAE when her biological father denied her permission to renew her passport. I filed an petition to sponsor my husband , I 30 was approved.
Dec 2009 we went for interview
Jan 2010 I 485 was denied on ground inadmissibility and misrepresentation because when my husband applied to get visitor visa to usa, they asked him "Where does your wife reside? His answer was UAE."
Feb 2010 we filed for MTR
Sep 2011 received a denial
Nov 2011 received another letter which said the MTR is reopen and they are reviewing the case they will send another letter explaining what they will need within 30 days
Two days later I get certified mail they sent us a very confusing letter, which said, There was an error in the original decision and therefore this application is pending attached to that letter they had another letter saying "Intend to deny "and giving us the same reason which we originally received.
We visited the USCIS local office twice to show them the letter which was confusing for us , 1st they said it was mistake and now that it's fixed case is pending and along with that they are intending to deny it. Local office said you don't need to worry this case is pending the intend to deny is old denial letter attached with this letter.
Off course it made us very happy and we thought everything will be good from now on but three days ago feb 10 2012 we received another letter saying since we didn't file a waver 601 and didn't take any action within 30 days our case is denied. They gave him 30 days to leave the country or his stay will be illegal.
We are devastated and don't know what should we do from this point? What are the chances of getting the Waver approved? If we get the chance to do so