I-485 - 591 days and counting.-


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I am new to this forum.. so please help.
what does ND and PD stand for?

ND - Notice Date, usually the date USCIS sent out the notice that your application was received.
PD - Priority Date, the date you filed your labor certification application or if LC was not required then the date you filed I-140 or in family-based case the date you filed I-130.
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Anybody in the same boat??

Texas Service Center
PD JAN 2007
RD JUL 23, 2007
ND SEP 21, 2007

With the economy getting so tough time is more valuable than ever and I'm sooo tired of all this.:(

alnark, do you have any updated on your case?

My information I485
Texas Service Center
RD 7/2/2007
ND 8/30/07

Do you know what dates are currently being processed? For Indians?