I-275 withdrawal


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I have studied my Masters in US at University of Central Missouri in 2016 and while I was on STEM OPT and my OPT was valid until December 2019 end, I visited India for my sisters marriage.
While I was heading back to US , I had my port of entry at AbuDabhi , I have been asked questions like why have I changed many employers and they verified my bank statements , in the bank statement for one employer they found it that the employer ran the pay roll without working and I returned the amount back to the employer. I agreed that it was my mistake and unfortunately they refused my entry into USA and sent back to India . But they told me I can reapply again anytime and come back to USA with valid visa like a dependent visa, student visa, tourist visa, H1B . While I completed my masters in USA I had a plan to pursue my MBA at a well established university in USA . Please let me know the possibility for it.
I am attaching the document they provided me and also copy of my visa.
Hoping to hear a positive reply from your end.


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No one could tell you the odds. Basically what CBP discovered wasn't a mistake, it was fraud. The I275 made you inadmissible to the US. And what you admitted to becomes part of your file in the system that every CO would have access to if you re-interview. There should be consequences to employees and employers engaging in such shady behavior, and eagle-eyed CBP caught on to your misdeeds. This sounds like typical MO of many shady desi consultancies who run payroll for those unable to find a client, and are covertly reimbursed, perhaps for the promise of a future H1b.

Perhaps you could look to study in the UK or Australia/NZ that have sizable Indian national student populations?


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I can understand what you said and I agree as well. But I was been misguided by the consultancy and I really did not knew it was a mistake and I myself admitted that to the CBP. I just want to pursue my MBA in USA in the university I always wished and wanted to settle back in India. Now I got the admission as well from the university with scholarship as well.. So can I just try once?


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I-275 just means you withdrew your application for admission, which means they denied you entry but did not "remove" you and you do not have a ban for being removed (and it would not have been possible to "remove" you anyway since you were not in the US, so a denial of entry at preclearance always equals withdrawal of application). It doesn't tell us whether you might have a ban for fraud of misrepresentation, although the fact that they said you can come back probably indicates that you don't have a ban.