I-140 RFE based on Educational Qualification


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Hi All,

I received an RFE based on my qualification and the Job requirement qualification.

While applying for PERM, in the ETA 9089 form, Attorney mistakenly listed as below

1. Accepted / Required Bachelors Degree for the Posted Job:
Computer Science, Mathematics (Instead of Mathematics, it should have been Engineering)
2. Any Other Alternate Degree accepted:

And in my profile, he listed the degree as ENGINEERING.

Now during the I-140 stage, i got an RFE based on this mismatch. Here is the verbiage.

The USCIS is requesting evidence that the beneficiary obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics, OR evidence that the degree obtained was part of the Computer Science or Mathematics program/department.

MY Attorney Suggested 2 things.

1. Get my degree transcripts evaluated by a third party educational evaluator and equate the courses i have done (7 Computer Courses and 9 Mathematics courses) as part of Computer Science / Mathematics Degree.

2. Get an verification letter from the University that these courses are infact related to Computer Science / Mathematics Degree.

Please let me know if i stand any chance with these 2 options.